House Removals in London


Moving houses signifies new beginnings, and we put in our best effort, allowing clients to start their new chapter on a happy note. AnQ Movers is one of the Tier-1 Removal Companies in London from packing your valuables, loading them on the moving vehicles, to ensuring that they reach the destination undamaged. Our expert team of moving agents goes through every minute detail. The heavy - lifting is our job, while you relax and take care of the personal essentials.

Other than this, if you want us to unpack and assemble the items, we can help you with that too. Our ultimate goal is to keep you stress-free throughout the move and ensure that none of the belongings that are being moved get lost or damaged. In case of any unlikely event, we are insured to cover you for any damage caused. The craftsmanship of House Removals is less known to many, with AnQ Movers you can rest assured that you will have a seamless move to the new residence.


Yes, it is advisable to hire one of the Local Removal Companies. With its presence all-across London, AnQ have been serving the people, helping them relocate with ease and leveraging our reasonable house removal rates. Our team consists of the best experts and moving professionals, who treat each project as their own so that the clients can relax and have a seamless transition while house relocation in London. AnQ Movers believes in a crystal clear approach when consulting with a client. The high-quality moving service of AnQ Movers has become a legacy owing to a host of happy and satisfied customers. Our team guarantees the best house removal experience to the clients at reasonable and flexible rates. We are known as one of the cheap moving companies, yet reliable. A lot of times customers say that “I want to move with one of the Removals firm near me” and every time they get delighted when they know that we one of the Local Removal Companies.


Removal costs estimate needs to be obtained which entirely depends on the services for your removal requirements. Cost of moving house depends on various elements. If you only require a moving service than the cost will be a lot cheaper as compared to the add on services such as packing, dismantling, reassembling service. AnQ Movers specializes in designing the customized Removal quote based on the requirements. Not only this, AnQ Movers can offer various Removal Quotes with multiple options to choose from. Our representatives are well experienced to understand and bring down your overall house removals cost. If it is in your plan to carry out much of the work yourself and want some part of the work to be done by us than this will pretty much help you lower down the overall house removal costs. However, to make life easier and have peace of mind, many customers choose additional services provided by us. Anything that might effect the efficiency of the house removal quotes should be taken into account. Flexibility with the dates can also be a major factor to reduce the removal companies’ prices.

Affordable House Removals in London

AnQ Movers stands true to its title of being one of London’s top House moving companies with its extensive offering of London removals services. Given below is what we offer to our house removals clients in London:

  • We provide end-to-end services to all our clients including, disassembling, packing, loading on vehicles, transportation, unloading, and finally unpacking.
  • AnQ Movers offer flexible rates and competitive quotes judging the quantity of the items moved and the total distance covered.
  • Our team consists of licensed and insured professionals with years of experience handling several moving projects.
  • We take extra precaution while handling valuable items like musical instruments, paintings, sculptures, antiquities, and likewise.
  • AnQ Movers can arrange for additional insurance for the valuables as a deterrent for accidents.
  • We also offer cleaning, waste disposal, and storage services in nominal charges.

Years of serving clients across London, our work has been appraised by several awards and accolades by business organizations. We strive not to live up to the expectations of our clients but to exceed the same.

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